Yachting Crew List Submissions: TopYacht / MemberPoint / RRS 46

Crew Lists are here to stay and the Australian Sailing deadline for membership as required by Rule 46 is fast approaching; as such the RPAYC Sailing Office is looking at means of providing a simple platform to enter all your crew for each race and a means for temporary membership to Australian Sailing for those that require it.

You must continue to have all your crew registered each scheduled race. Failure to have your crew registered will result in race disqualification as per the Notice of Race.

Your crew can register through Memberpoint or skippers can use the TopYacht Crew List function. We appreciate that MemberPoint is not currently working well for everyone and is proving challenging for those with irregular crews or for those that a significant number of the crew are not RPAYC members and we appreciate your continued efforts to make this work.

The Sailing Office is continuing to work on a solution that is more versatile and easier for skipper and crew to meet the requirements of the rules.

Therefore until further notice; crew lists can be submitted either through TopYacht or MemberPoint.

The Sailing Office are very happy to help with any questions on either TopYacht or MemberPoint.

Full details on how to use MemberPoint both as a member of RPAYC and a visitor can be found online here: https://rpayc.com.au/sailing/crew-boat-finder/about-the-app/