Sail Pass

Register for a 'Sail Pass'

Temporary membership of Australian Sailing

By acquiring an Australian Sailing SailPass, racing participants (skippers and crew), will meet the requirements of Australian Sailing’s prescription, to Racing Rule 46. An Australian Sailing SailPass will also provide racing participants with personal injury insurance cover, for the day/s that they are registered. 

AS Prescription to RRS 46:
 “All persons on board a boat while racing, shall be members of a Club affiliated to Australian Sailing and have an Australian Sailing number, or, hold a valid SailPass”

Once you have registered for a Sail Pass, please adise your skipper that you have registered and provide them with your Australian Sailing number. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Regardless of your Membership at another Club or your Australian Sailing status, RPAYC requires all Non-Members to register for a SailPass for the days they are racing at RPAYC.

  • A SailPass registration is the responsibility of all individuals who are not a member of RPAYC and need to meet the requirements of RRS46.
  • A crew list is the responsibility of the Skipper or Person in Charge of the boat. It lists the personal and emergency details for all crew onboard. Crew Lists are mandatory for each race and are submitted via the online race entry system.

Upon registration of a Sail Pass, there are 3 ways that your Skipper can be notified.

  • You can forward you registration invoice/receipt. It has a full list of the dates that you have selected.
  • You can provide your AS Number to the Skipper so that they may search you on the AS Number Finder –
  • Your Skipper can call the sailing office if the two options above are not convenient.

A SailPass is ‘temporary membership’ of Australian Sailing and only provides the user, a means to comply with RRS46, on the date for which it is registered. SailPass users will still be required to ‘sign-in’ to the Clubhouse.

As of the 1st May 2022, the $10.00 registration will continue to be waived by RPAYC.