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Welcome to the home of RPAYC Centreboard (OTB) Division

Come join the fun with RPAYC’s centreboard division. Meet new families, make new friends and enjoy the excitement of the weekly racing competition.

RPAYC offers the best facility for dinghy racing on Pittwater for all ages and in a welcoming friendly atmosphere. RPAYC centreboard promote community participation, inclusion and cohesion, and provide a range of classes and skill based divisions to suit everyone from first time sailors, to kids, youth, adults and those future Olympians.
There is a range of boats that sail from entry level Optimists to foiling high speed performance Waszp and Multihulls. 

Whether you are looking for social sailing or white-knuckle thrill rides there is a Class here at RPAYC for you.

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RPAYC Centreboard WhatsApp Communications Code of Conduct

We have created Centreboard Division WhatsApp groups so we can easily share important and relevant club or division specific information to members.

Each WhatsApp group also provides a space for our members to share relevant community information, offer support and encouragement, and more generally promote the enjoyment of Centreboard Sailing.

We ask that you:

  • Be respectful and responsible in the content and language of your posts. Do not be rude. Do not swear.
  • Remember that group members include children.
  • Be considerate by switching to private messages for lengthy one-on-one dialogue or to address personal grievances.
  • Be relevant to the purpose of the groups. Don’t assume it is OK to call another member or share their contact information without first asking their permission using WhatsApp messaging.
  • Be part of our community & enjoy your sailing!

RPAYC has a strong focus on international one-design classes in its dinghy fleet. By following the Australian Sailing Youth Pathway, young sailors are afforded the best opportunity to progress their skills and challenge themselves. Likewise, the endorsed adult classes provide an excellent platform for close one design racing and a vibrant state, national, and international racing circuit.

International Optimist

A single-handed boat that is safe and great fun for kids to learn to sail and race. The optimist provides a steady reliable platform for novice sailors, whilst also providing a technical challenge to those who want to race competitively. This is one of the largest classes in the world, and the largest youth class in Australia.

The class is limited to those under 16, and is ideal for sailors weighing 30 – 55kgs. Boats are quite cheap and parts are easily sourced.

To find out more about the International Optimist Click Here for the Australian International Optimist Association Website.

Laser 4.7 Class

A single-handed boat with a smaller rig for younger or lightweight sailors. To find out more Click here for link to NSW & ACT District Laser Association

Laser Radial

A single-handed boat with a smaller rig than the Olympic Laser class. This suits the lighter weight sailors.

Laser Full

A single-handed boat with the full Olympic rigg. This suits adults sailors.


The Puffin Pacer a mixed crew dinghy suitable for young sailors and teenages.

Flying Ant Class

A double-handed skiff that is great fun for kids to develop into the 29er Class.

Waszp Class

A single-handed foiling skiff that is great fun for youth and adults. Visit WASZP – the one design foiler | WASZP for more information.

29er Class

Australian designed fun double-handed skiff that is the feeder class for the Olympic 49er Class. Visit Home | Australian 9er Association (aus9ers.com.au) for more information.

Hobie Wave

Hobie Wave encourage kids into sailing utilising the unique properties of the Hobie Wave, a craft suitable for training of young sailors and with a one design capability that provides thrilling for experienced sailors of all ages and abilities.

High Performance Catamarans

If you enjoy high speed, the cut and thrust of racing, the social aspect of double handed sailing and love long gliding spinnaker runs, RPAYC performance catamaran racing is for you. Our high performance Formula class of F16/18 spinnaker catamarans are suited to all ages and weights of teams 50-190kg. Lighter teams and single handed sailors race the F16 and heavier stronger crews the F18. A unique advantage of these boats is even though they are different sizes, they are the same speed around a course where 20 knot boat speeds are not uncommon. The classes boast a vibrant regatta circuit, new models can convert to foiling and F18 worlds will be held in Australia 2021.

Windsurfer LT

The WINDSURFER LT board is made with a styrofoam type core with epoxy deck. It has the same length of the original One Design (366cm), an increased width (from 66 to 74cm) and a significantly lower weight (reduced from approx. 21kg to 15kg). It is a multipurpose board, being designed to be used for class racing and training. The daggerboards are fully retractable and the deck has a soft pad, to increase comfort in all conditions. Rig is made by a two pieces 460 SDM carbon mast, a 180-240 boom, a mast base and joint, a racing 5.7 sqm mylar sail. Visit https://www.windsurfingnsw.com/ for more information.

If you’re new to windsurfing or an experienced non-foiling windsurfer this class is perfect for you. The class competes weekly in the Summer & Winder Sunday Series.

Foiling Windsurfer

Take your windsurfer to the next level, FOILING! Sail High performance foiling with the latest Starboard iQfoil boards/sails, the official 2024 Olympic windsurfing class.  Designed to take of from 6knts and powerful in light winds and controllable in strong winds.

Visit https://www.windsurfingnsw.com/ for more information.

The Finn

The Finn was designed in 1949 to be the ‘monotype’ dinghy at the 1952 Olympic Games and will be sailed for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic. It currently fills the slot for the Heavyweight Dinghy. Visit https://www.finnclass.org/ for more information.

Rear Commodore Centreboard & Chair 
Andy Springer

Volunteer Coordinator
Scott Paulson 

Committee Communications
Maxine Troop

Race Representative
Chris Attwood

Board Liaison
Leon Wilson

Membership Committee Liaison
Neil Aitken

Class Representatives

Optimist Class Representative
Alex Robbins

Laser Class Representative
Ben Byford

Flying Ant Class Representative
Andy Springer

29er Class Representative
Mat Butterworth

Wazsp Class Representative
Garry Essex

Windsurfer Class Representative

Committee Member
David Sampson