Youth Competition Support Fund

Youth Competition Support Fund

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Youth Competition Support Fund

Investing In Our Youth

What Is It?

In broad terms, The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club (RPAYC) Youth Competition Support Fund (YCSF) is a fund from which money may be disbursed to aid youth members of the RPAYC to advance their skills in the sport of sailing by assisting with the cost of competition at national and international levels and provision of mentoring and coaching resources.

Members contribute to the fund each year to assist these young sailors in their pursuit of excellence when representing the RPAYC in competitions. Funds may be disbursed to members where an application is lodged by a member that is accordance with the Guidelines.

Who Can Apply?

The following regulations apply to the RPAYC YCSF:

  • An applicant must be a member of the RPAYC for a minimum of 2 years and must be under 23 years of age. The RPAYC may recommend disbursement to members over 23 years old when it is reasonable in the circumstances of the application to do so.
  • The applicant(s) may apply as an individual, or as an individual within a team (whether the team is made up of RPAYC members or not).
  • The applicant is a Club team made up entirely of RPAYC members.

The Rear Commodores (RC) may allocate funding to support broad based mentoring & coaching resources for Junior/Youth members across all skill, experience and competition levels.

Who Decides?

Each application for disbursement will be reviewed and assessed during a meeting of the Rear Commodores (RC).

The RC may approve disbursement from the YCSF to assist in the payment, in part or in full, of the reasonable expenses of the applicant in attending the nominated event, including items such as entry fees, coaching fees, regatta entry fees, travelling expenses, accommodation expenses or expenses for personal sustenance.

Each application is considered on, the following criteria;

  • Individual entry or team entry.
  • Anticipated number of applicants applying to the fund in respect of a particular event or during a particular period.
  • Experience of the applicant(s) in the particular class of boat, or experience in the discipline in which competing (e.g. Match Racing or Teams Racing).
  • Applicant(s) level of commitment to the particular class or discipline.
  • The level at which the applicant(s) has undertaken training and adhered to a training program.
  • The applicant’s past contribution to the Club and commitment to contribute to the Club in the future.
  • Results achieved by the applicant in events of a like or similar nature to the event.
  • The benefit to the applicant and the advancement of the applicant in the sport of sailing arising from attendance at the nominated event.
  • The applicant’s prospects of success for the event.
  • Whether financial or other assistance may be or has been received by the applicant from other sources in respect of the event.

In return for receiving a grant, the receiver has certain obligations to RPAYC including:

  • The boat sailed to compete under the burgee of the RPAYC unless competing as a representative of New South Wales or Australia.
  • To conduct, behave and dress appropriately at all times whilst attending the event.
  • To provide a reasonable level of assistance to RPAYC in the future in areas such as coaching, attending PR events, promoting the club or acting as club ambassador and Committee/ Race volunteering.
  • Providing a written report on the regatta or event including; their performance, conditions experienced, whether their performance expectation matched their results, any improvements and training going forward for the next event.