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Centreboard FAQs

What’s On for Centreboard racing and activities?

View the Clubs ‘What’s On” webpage for the latest events, links to race documents, entry, sign on and more. Download all events club wide or just Centreboard events to your calendar of choice. 

Do I have to be a member of RPAYC to race?

Yes it is a requirement to compete that you and your crew (if applicable) are members of the club. There are a range of membership options available. Please contact our Membership department at membership@rpayc.com.au for details.

How do I enter for the Series or Race?

Using our Online Entry Form (Series & Causal Entrants).

You have the option of a Series or Casual entry, if choosing a casual entry this will need to be completed by midnight on the Saturday before racing.

Can I enter causally for the series?

Yes you can, by using our Online Entry Form (Series & Causal Entrants) .

Enter your information in the Centreboard Series Casuals section, this will need to be completed by midnight on the Saturday before racing.

How do I have to sign on/off for racing each Sunday?

You will find QR codes placed around the clubhouse at reception and also situated at the Jack Gale Centre both on the noticeboard and windows.  

To sign on (on the day of the race only), open up the camera app on your phone and hover over the QR code. This will take you straight to the link where you are able to Sign On. Once you have returned to the lawn following racing, repeat the same action to Sign Off the water.

I would like to Volunteer for Centreboard Racing.

Great, the more the merrier! Fill in the Volunteer Expression of Interest Form.

By filling in this form you are you are consenting to RPAYC providing these details to DutyMan who will then generate a sign-up email for each volunteer. From here you are able to select the duties you would like to volunteer for.

Do I need to create a new entry to update my sail number?

You are not required to create a new entry each time you change your sail number, however you are required to update your entry prior to racing.

To update your entry you will need to sign in with your login details. If you fail to update your sail number prior to racing you will be scored a DSQ.

What happens if I change vessels during the season?

If you decide to change vessels throughout the season you will need to create a new entry for the boat. If you have made a series entry, you will only be charged for the one entry for the series. Create your new entry here.

How do I apply for average points?

To apply for average points email the Sail Training Administrator millie.stevenson@rpyac.com.au. Applications are required 7 days prior to the events.

Remember to include your Centreboard boat, Skipper and Regatta details.

How do I organise to store my boat?

Boat storage is organised through our Marina Waterfront team.

Please contact our Marina Coordinator to organise racking for your Centreboard vessel kylie.brown@rpayc.com.au.

I want to enter Centreboard racing but I don’t own my own boat. What can I do?

Luckily, the club owns a number of vessels that are able to be leased for training and racing purposes under the Carl Halvorsen Scheme. This includes Windsurfers, Fibreglass racing Optimists, Lasers and Flying Ants.   Contact the Sail Training Administrator for details sailtraining@rpayc.com.au