Yachting 2023-24 Season Starters Information

Thank you to those of you that were able to attend the Skippers Meeting on Saturday 17th June, it was a very productive meeting with excellent input from everyone.
To summarise what we discussed:

  • Saturday Inshore and Estuary to become: Saturday Spring Series (September – December) and Saturday Summer Series (January – March). The racing format would be predominantly inshore courses with the option to do a Lion Island/estuary courses for variety. In the right conditions Box Head / 01 / 02 may be included.
  • Short Offshore Pointscore (SOPs) – once a month on a Sunday. There may be the opportunity to race a couple of these with RMYC Offshore Series- TBC.
  • Blue Water Pointscore – would fit in around the natural breaks in the series. Category 3 or 4 dependent on race.
  • The Yacht Race Committee and Sailing Office would welcome your feedback on the draft calendar.

The next steps:

  • The Sailing Office will circulate a draft calendar, see below
  • Finalise calendar – first week of July
  • Publish Sailing Handbook – mid August

Australian Sailing & RPAYC Special Regulations Audits
Cat 7, Cat 4 and Cat 3 (as well as Cruising Audits), are now due for renewal. If the last racing audit for your boat, was prior to 1st June 2023, your boat is due for its next audit now.

Prior to organising your next audit, download the relevant forms from the Club website, fill in and check all the required items and equipment, then submit those forms to the Sailing Office.

Crew Register and Crew List
Each boat will be required to maintain a Crew Register in the SailSys platform. Further, Crew Lists will also be required to be submitted, via the SailSys platform, for every race. Print off your boat’s unique QR code for crew to sign on with.

Help Guides for Crew Management.

RPAYC Racing Pennant and Division Flags
Is your RPAYC Racing Pennant or Division Flag looking a little tired? Organise a new one for your boat, by visiting Club Reception.
Racing Pennant: “Blue Sky UP, Red dirt DOWN” (flown above the Division Flag)
Division 1 BLUE flag, Division 2 GREEN flag, Division 3 PINK Flag, Division 4 WHITE flag.