Tokyo racing today - 31 July

Sailing Preview - Day 7

“The team were incredibly excited and joyous for Wearny, but it was a great day all round with Mara claiming third place in race 9, and backing it up with a win in her last race at her first Olympic Games. There was a lot of emotion around that!

The 470 boys put in another solid couple of performances, so it was another pivotal day in cementing the past and pointing to the future for the Australian Olympic Sailing Team.”

Iain Murray

Weather forecast

“The weather is not sure whether it wants to be a nor-easter or a sou-wester today, the drivers around the gradients are all very weak.

We had thunderstorms inland and there just isn’t much of anything to be honest. The Finns sail OK in the very light breezes, but for boats like the Nacra and the skiffs will find it really tough.

I think there is the prospect of not completing the racing program today and those races then rolling over to the reserve days.”

Iain Murray


“The Nacras would be the hardest class of all to sail today. They aren’t designed to sail in 3-4 knots of wind. Generally they have flat sails with low drag for high performance, so trying to sail a Nacra in conditions it wasn’t designed for is a whole new skill.

Luckily for us, in Jason and Lisa we have two highly skilled operators and we could see a real mix-up in results today. The leaders from Italy, Great Britain and Germany have been strong in big breezes, but have also been known to be susceptible in the lights.

Getting a good start in to clean air with speed up the first leg will be absolutely critical. They need to be bold, aggressive and very definite in their strategies to bring success today.”

Iain Murray