Sydney Short Ocean Racing Championship 2022

Well done to all the boats and crews that competed in the SSORC hosted by the Middle Harbour Yacht Club on the weekend. RPAYC took out top places with yachts in Div 1: Soozal, Bushranger, LCE Old School claimed the ORC scoring and in Div 2 Conspiracy and Bulwinkle.

“It’s always great to get down to Sydney for some friendly rivalry between MHYC and RPAYC. The minute you hit the dock the banter starts with boats nearby Rob Aldis, Khaleesi and Bob Cox, Nine Dragons all getting excited that another DK46 OLD School Racing is coming down to mess with the boats from the big smoke. I warned Rob and Box boats were coming down stacked with illustrious talent.

Three clubs were represented, 7 from CYCA, 6 from MHYC, 7 from RPAYC with XS Moment unable to attend The Race format was a passage race Saturday, Lion Island and back and 3 windward leeward off Manly circle Sunday.

Saturday racing started in a fresh 17knots then more like 10-12 knots for most of the race. I’ve had a few comments of people saying we saw boats racing up the coast at palm beach as most were in close getting away from current and nearing the mark. On the final section entering the Harbor the wind dropped to a fluky 5-10 knots. One would consider a great time for the Pittwater boats to make advantage of this familiar phenomenon.

Sunday racing was a great chance for boats to show their boat handling skills in the Winward Leeward course. Again, we were starting near Manly and Freshwater beach giving beach goers a spectacle of racing. Race one gave competitors around 15knots to start, then dropping off to around 12 knots. The second race started around 10 knots dropping to 6 knots triggering a shortened course for both Div 1 & 2. Race three was not started as time ran out with only 5knots of wind.

Most racing results were separated by I point and some on count back.

It was impressive to see all 6 competing boats from RPAYC (stacked full of illustrious talent) come away with a result.” – Peter Farrugia / Bullwinkle

Div 1

Soozal ORC 1st IRC 3rd

Bushranger ORC 2nd

Old School racing ORC 3rd, IRC 2nd

Mercury PHS 3rd,

Div 2

Conspiracy ORC 1st, PHS 3rd

Bullwinkle ORC 2nd, IRC 3rd, PHS 1st.