Selden for Sailing - Lion Island Series - Race 1

Off they set for race 1 of the Selden for Sailing Lion Island Series for 2024. 

With a light southerly over Pittwater, each of the four divisions had a fault-free start as they hoisted their spinnakers and headed directly to Lion Island. 

Halfway down the course boats and crews enjoyed a washdown as the skies dropped a downpour of rain blanketing the course ahead.
As the race progressed, the lead in each division was changing frequently with boats split to the east and west of Pittwater, with each boat having its turn in front.

It took the fleet to reach the Palm Beach Pile to emerge from the greyness to a ray of sunshine as they continued their journey to Lion Island.

With 4 seasons in one day, the fleet enjoyed a south-south easterly down to the finish line in the ‘Bigpond’ north of Scotland Island.

Despite the challenging weather conditions, all boats managed to finish the race within the allotted time, and the scores were very close, indicating an exciting series ahead.

Race 2 is next Saturday, 11 May.

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ORC Division Winners:

  1. Vento
  2. Georgia Lee
  3. Pick Pocker
  4. Rhapsody

PHS Division Winners:

  1. Xs Moment
  2. Gunner Goodwin
  3. Maykhala
  4. Rhapsody