Selden for Sailing Centreboard Winter Series Final Results

Series results "winners"

The Club congratulates all competitors that participated in the 2021 Selden for Sailing Centreboard Winter Series.

Thank you to Selden for Sailing for their continued support of the series.

Selden for Sailing will be providing prizes for winners. As we are still in lockdown prizes will be issued at a later date.

Congratulations everyone!

2nd RUEL RIGGING – Nicholas Reader
3rd TURTLE – James Butler

Optimist Open
1st FLYING KANGAROO – Rocco Springer
2nd BETTER KNOT – Ruben Steel
3rd WALLYGATOR – Levi Harrison

Laser Radial
1st SHORT MEMORY – Traks Gordon
2nd PURE BLONDE – Lindsay Whitton
3rd BE GONE – Charlie Byford

Laser Full
1st WHOOSHKA – Alexander Bijkerk
2nd RAPID – Oliver Gordon
3rd SEEDY – Chris Dawson

1st – Angus Renton & Ellis Merrett
2nd NOTORIOUS – Olivia Williams & Sabine Westley
3rd BARB – Sienns Brown & Darcy Robbins

Windsurfer LT
1st TEAM PERONI – Andrew Dolly Divola
2nd WALTER – Martin French
3rd WNDSRFER1 – Robert Jones

1st LE GRAND BLEU – Stephane Verhaeghe
2nd JEFF VADER – Tom Brewer
3rd TEXAS RADIO – Garry Essex