Rule 46 - Sail Pass requirements

RRS 46 – All Competitors need to be a member of a Club affliated to Australian Sailing or hold a Sail Pass from January 2022

Why is the rule changing?

The change to Rule 46 centres around duty of care, safety and sailor insurance, and also allow club members to introduce crew to the club.

You can find more information about the rule change here:

FAQ – Changes to Rule 46

Safety and Liability Risks under Rule 46

How does this affect me?

Hoping to bring a friend sailing? You’ll need to make sure that they sign up as a Sail Pass member of the club. Being a temporary member of the club meets the Racing Rules for participants and provides the club information about non-members who are racing each day which is an important part of our approach to safety. Being registered with Australian Sailing a Sail Pass also provides a basic personal injury insurance for the day which serves as a safety net to people who, through injury or accident, incur financial loss.