RPAYC at HANSA Class QLD Championships

Our RPAYC sailor, Race Committee volunteer and President of Sailability Crystal Bay, Greg Jacobs, travelled to Southport recently and competed in the HANSA Class QLD Championships. The regatta took place from 2-3 September and hosted by Southport Yacht Club.

Congratulations Greg on your third place finish!

Read more about Greg’s regatta experience at Southport Yacht Club and plans for Sailability at RPAYC below:

Hi, I’m Greg Jacobs from Sailability NSW @ Crystal Bay and an RPAYC member. 

RPAYC supports Sailability NSW @ Crystal Bay though the RPAYC Community Sailing Program

My sailing started in Manly Juniors at Avalon sailing club and progressed to racing a range of skiffs and yachts until an on-water accident left me with a spinal cord injury. 

Recently I have been racing with the assistance of the 11-metre fleet, and on Sundays racing with the centreboard division on a Sailability SKUD 18.

Also, on Thursday nights with the summer twilight series on the Start boat. 

On the weekend of 2nd and 3rd of September 2023, Southport Yacht Club at Honeywell on the Gold Coast, hosted the Queensland Hansa State Championship for Liberty class and 303 singles and doubles. 

View the official event website HERE

For those who have not sailed at Southport Yacht Club Honeywell, this is an interesting obstacle. 

The tide currents can flow up to about 4 knots coupled with sandbars as challenges.

I found SYC Honeywell very welcoming and supportive. 

The purposes and goals of participating in the SYC Hansa championship was to help gain local knowledge for our Sailability NSW Crystal Bay fleet of boats which we are looking to grow. 

The whole experience was great, including the competition and misadventures of the sandbanks, sailing to the speed of the tide, and not been able to get around the marks due to the tide flows. 

My sympathy went to one competitor who finished up on a sandbank with an outgoing tide. 

The winds in day 1 was southerly at 5 to 10 knots with a progressive result of 4th overall. 

Day 2 had winds of about 5 knots, going to north east of 10 knots. 

My regatta finishing result was 3rd overall. 

View more images from the regatta on the SYC Facebook Page HERE

The regatta was won by Russell Philips of Docklands Yacht Club, with second place going to Southport yacht club’s Ross Manning.

Sailability NSW @ Crystal Bay’s team of 3 SKUD 18’s and 3 Liberty’s are looking for Supporters, Volunteers and Sailors in maximizing our RPAYC Community Sailing Program profile.

Please have a look at https://www.crystalbaysailability.club/ as we would value your kind efforts.

Thank you

Greg Jacobs

Sailability Crystal Bay President