Remote Control Sailing at RPAYC

Radio Sailing is now at RPAYC

RPAYC is pleased to announce a new activity for members.

‘I started RC racing less than a year ago…. a memorable day for me. Before that, as an active International Dragon sailor, I viewed RC racing as simply skilful ‘toy boat stuff’. However, I have found it is much, much more than that !

RC Racing uses all the same skills as racing full scale boats:

  • the tactics and strategies are the same
  • the racing rules are the same
  • the sailing skills are the same
  • tuning the boat for maximum performance in different conditions is the same
  • achieving good starts and skillful buoy roundings are the same.

And to top it off, it’s a great opportunity to meet friendly and interesting like-minded sailors.’

– From a recent owner.

A Remote Control Radio Sailing Division has been formed to race the Dragonforce 65 Class socially and competitively at the Club and eventually against other Clubs.


This Class has experienced rapid growth and is now one of the largest one design radio control classes in the world. The Australian Olympic Youth Team used the boats to hone their skills on the rules and before setting off to Rio. Other more recognised skippers racing DF65s (and the larger DF95) include Ed Baird, Taylor Canfield, Bruce Farr, Ken & Brad Read, Ron Holland, Rafael Trujillo and Paul Cayard, to name a few. Tom Slingsby raced them before his success took him overseas!

What is a DF65?

A DragonForce 65 (DF65) is a very well designed, low cost entry level into Radio Controlled sailing.  The boat is an International Class with over 60,000 sold and raced in over 25 countries. It’s a one design and strictly controlled and managed by the DF International Class Association, ensuring the performance of every boat racing is identical.  The boat is 65cm long and fits easily into the boot of an average car.  You can be sailing for around $300, and race with three rigs to suit multiple wind ranges for an additional $350.

What should you do next?

If you’ve never sailed an RC boat or a DF65 before, it’s great fun and you will be surprised how quickly you pick it up and apply your sailing skills. Everyone is willing to help and will welcome you. Come along to the Club on Thursday mornings to give it a go.

Where can I buy one?

The Australian Distributor is Hobby Warehouse in Melbourne

We recommend you contact member Phil Burgess (0413 200 608) before buying a boat, and he can provide great tips to get the right gear.

He will also be running an Assembly, Rigging and Tuning Workshop in a few weeks.

DF65 Racing at RPAYC.

We are currently racing on Thursday mornings from 0930 to around 1200. Arrange a loan boat to try it out.

Come along on our Opening Day (Sat, 3 Sep) and check out the boats.