Post Christmas Cruising recap

The post Christmas cruise saw 15 RPAYC cruising re-enter Lake Macquarie. Our last visit was 5 years ago due to COVID and dredging issues.

Lake Macquarie is arguably, one of the best cruising grounds in NSW.

A 10-15 knot westerly breeze made for a really pleasant sail up to Swansea where Marine Rescue, Lake Macquarie assisted us to successfully navigate the channel through to the lake.

What followed was 2 weeks of memorable cruising including:
• A rendezvous with the Lake Macquarie Yacht Club Cruising group
• A New Years Eve BBQ followed by a spectacular fireworks display at Wangi Wangi
• Sailing around the lake including some competitive “racing” for the coveted “Prize Giving Wine”
• Joining in the Wednesday afternoon racing at Lake Macquarie Yacht Club
• A BBQ ashore hosted by some of our Alfreds Cruising members (Bill and Dianne)
• Celebrating some significant milestones (70th Birthdays and 40th Wedding Anniversary), names withheld
And of course swimming and relaxing in some amazing locations.

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