Making Sailing Easy - With Jan Scholten and Selden

Making Sailing Easy with Jan Scholten

Welcome to an exciting evening dedicated to Making Sailing Easy! Join us for an immersive experience showcasing the cutting-edge sail handling systems offered by Selden Mast, presented by Jan Scholten, the National Distributor of Selden Mast in Sweden and Nick Reader from Ruel Rigging.

Event Details:
Date: Friday 10 May, 2024
Time: 7pm
Location: Admirals Cup Room, RPAYC
Event Highlights:
Interactive Displays: Explore two stunning display rigs showcasing the innovative sail handling systems by Selden Mast. Witness the convenience and efficiency of these systems up close.
Perspex Display: Marvel at our spectacular Perspex display demonstrating all the electric functions of Selden Mast’s systems. See how technology is revolutionising sailing.

Expert Talks: Delve into the pros and cons of various sail handling systems with insights from industry experts. Discover how what works for racing can also enhance cruising experiences.
Racing and Cruising Overlaps: Learn how techniques such as hoisting and lowering spinnakers, essential for racing, can be seamlessly applied to cruising. Explore the intersections between racing and cruising experiences.
Real-Life Stories: Embark on a journey with captivating narratives and experiences shared by our speakers. Hear firsthand accounts of Short-Handed sailing in prestigious races like the Fastnet Race and Hobart Race, gaining valuable insights applicable to both racing and cruising.
Q&A Session: Have burning questions? Our experts, including Nick Reader from Ruel Rigging, will be on hand to address queries regarding rigging, maintenance, and costs.

Why Attend?
Gain insights into state-of-the-art sail handling systems.
Explore the synergy between racing and cruising experiences.
Learn practical tips and techniques from seasoned sailors and experts.
Connect with fellow sailing enthusiasts and industry professionals.
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