Lockdown Learning - Sail Training SIM

2Sail Sailing Simulator is breaking barriers in levels of complexity and learning about sailing faster.


  • tidal effects or
  • mainsail twist (mainsheet / vang / backstay) or
  • using body weight effectively
    2Sail has
  • “step by step” learning mode to access 30+ modules
  • or race multiplayer free forever with anybody
  • or with a specific group of friends

How to get involved:
Download “2Sail sailing simulator” off google playstore or apple appstore.
“step by step” introduction to the controls is highly recommended.
Sail in “race mode” free forever or get a 14 day free trial to access:

  • more controls
  • more tutorials
  • more course, wind & tide options
  • sail privately with friends “racing with friends” allows you to:
  • set tide (strength and direction), wind (strength, direction, gusts etc), course (start and course twist),chat via text inside app  (separate keyboard required)

To use the “sail with friends” button:

  • Organize a time and “group login name” eg “RPAYC” at say 6pm thursday
  • Tap the “Friends button”, select server: “AU”, and Login name
  • Login room name can be any combo of text and numbers
  • Set your personal boat name(or fun name) eg “bob”
    New version coming out weekend of 17th July that includes vang tutorial and other tweaks.

Need more info or would like to do some testing (requires android device) … contact the developer
Developed in Pittwater … Kingsley Forbes-Smith kingsley@propeople.com.au 0405290390