General Manager’s Message – 4 August 2021

Dear Members

I hope that you are keeping safe and well.

Whilst the COVID-19 restrictions continue to evolve, it is important to apply common sense and act responsibly. Under the current Public Health Orders members are reminded that activities at the Club remain very much restricted.

Whilst general boating and socialising activity is not allowed for the time being, there are permitted activities under ‘reasonable excuse’ which include exercise on the water and maintaining and servicing of vessels.

Please note a reasonable excuse also includes ‘undertake legal obligations’ which would for example include ensuring in-water vessels in a marina remain in a safe and seaworthy condition.

Note that work on vessels that meets ‘reasonable excuse’ must be done COVID-Safe, for example, ensure mask, hygiene and physical distancing rules are followed.

For those lucky enough to live within the Northern Beaches LGA and able to continue to sail under the condition of exercise being a ‘reasonable excuse’ to leave home, I would like to remind you of what is permitted and the expected behaviour whilst on Club grounds.

The directions from Australian Sailing remain the same. “If you go sailing, please get in, go sailing, go home; keep your distance from others at your club, marina or boat ramp”.

The current Public Health Orders allow for two people to exercise together, or more if they are from the same household. This means you can go sailing with one other person, or more if they are all from your household. Social distancing must be observed. Do not carpool with anyone outside your household.

Exercising is definitely not an opportunity for social gathering and socialising under the current restrictions.

Sailors and shore support crew have a responsibility to look after each other and also not bring the Club into disrepute with activity that could be misinterpreted by the community as organised sailing events or competition.

There also appears to be a decline in the wearing of face masks in some settings on Club grounds. Please put them on to protect yourself and those around you.

From NSW Health, the following principles apply to the wearing of face masks for sporting activities:

  • Participants are able to remove their masks when they commence warming up for the activity. For sailing Australian Sailing interprets this as once you are on the boat.
  • Everyone else (e.g., shore crew, parents, family members) has to keep their masks on at all times. All spectators etc. on shore must leave their masks on.
  • Following the completion of exercise sailors need to put their masks back on once ashore.

There are some exemptions to the mandatory face mask requirement, including children aged 12 and under and people who have a physical or mental health illness or condition, or disability, that makes wearing a mask unsuitable.

NSW Public Health Orders require all visitors on club grounds and the marina to sign in using the QR code. This Order applies to all staff, tenants, members and visitors. QR codes are located at the entry to each marina arm, the boatyard, Jack Gale Centre and other convenient locations around the site.

RPAYC Reception is physically closed to members, however remains staffed daily between 8am and 4pm for phone and email enquiries. Phone 02 9998 3700 and email

The club’s tender service operates daily from 8am to 4pm. Please contact reception to book a tender (02 9998 3700). Passenger numbers are limited to a maximum of two and masks must be worn while using the tender service.

Takeaway food remains available from Halyards between 9am and 3pm. Please access the ‘Grab & Go’ area via the gate at the southern end of the clubhouse (near ‘A’ Arm). Please ensure you use the QR code at the takeaway window to sign-in.

Sailfit Gym is closed until further notice, please contact Tana on 0478 034 659 if you would like to discuss training, including PT and Zoom sessions.

All sailing and sail training remains cancelled.  We remain hopeful, and  planning is in progress for a return to racing on 28 August with a non-pointscore “Get Set” race to allow crew and vessels to work out the lockdown kinks in preparation for the new season.

As I am sure that you can appreciate Public Health Orders are being updated regularly and the above information is subject to change. Please refer to the NSW Government website for current information

Now more than ever, please look after yourself and those around you.

Kind regards,

Craig Evans
General Manager