General Managers Message – 23.12.2020

Dear Members,
Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club recently had a COVID positive person at the Club. This message is to update you as to the current position, as of 8pm on Wednesday 23/12/2020.

Yesterday RPAYC was listed by the government on their ‘COVID-19 case locations and alert’ webpage. Since then there have been some inconsistencies on various websites and social media platforms about our Club’s status and the requirements of our members that were in attendance last Wednesday. As you can imagine NSW Health are dealing with a large number of venues and individuals and their resources are quite stretched at the moment.
Following interviews and investigations I am able to advise that NSW Health have provided us with the following statement this afternoon to help clarify the situation: –
“The case who attended Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club between 4.30 – 6.00 pm on Wednesday 16/12/20 was located on the outer edge of Halyards Annexe (in an area deemed to be outside). Apart from his party, who are classified as close contacts (and have all been contacted by NSW Health), all other attendees at the yacht club need only monitor for symptoms and test if any symptoms develop. NSW Health ask that you please be vigilant for symptoms and keep safe during this holiday period.”
The Club has provided contact details for everyone that had signed into the Club on Wednesday 16 December and those people will have received a text message from NSW Health advising them of the situation and a message that reinforces the need to monitor for symptoms and if you get any symptoms please get tested and isolate pending test results
I would like to thank NSW Health, particularly those at the Liverpool Public Health Unit, for their effort and assistance over the past few days.
The Club has been professionally deep cleaned and is ready to reopen, however announcements made earlier today have extended the lockdown period on the Northern Beaches. At this stage RPAYC plans to reopen our Take Away food and beverage operation on Monday 28 December between 9am – 3pm. We plan to reopen the bistro later that same week and will advise you of trading times.
The Club’s reception will continue to be staffed everyday apart from Christmas Day and can be contacted via the phone or email until Monday. Our tender service will continue to operate and we will continue to have Waterfront staff on site.
I have received a number of enquiries about the ability to go boating over the coming days and weeks. It is difficult to give a definitive answer on this as the situation is constantly evolving. This afternoon I have been in touch with the Water Police and they are currently awaiting instructions. They may not receive these instructions for a couple of days. You may recall that early in the pandemic, back in March 2020, boating activities were initially limited to essential purposes like going to and from work & home, collecting supplies and accessing medical services and the like. Restrictions were later eased to include the use of boats for exercise (E.g., sailing & fishing) and then later expanded into other boating activities. At this stage we are unclear on what is allowed and will advise when we have some clarity from authorities. That said, the directives of the Premier are quite clear at the moment about limiting movement in the Northern Beaches area by staying home unless it is for essential reasons.
The four existing reasons you may leave your home include: –

  • Shopping for food or other goods and services
  • Medical care or compassionate needs
  • Exercise
  • Work or Education, where you cannot work from home

Locally (on the peninsular) during December 24, 25 and 26 you may also leave home to visit the home of others who live within this zone.

  • Up to 5 visitors (total, including children) will be allowed in homes as long as they reside in the peninsula zone.
  • People may not enter or leave this zone, unless for the four approved reasons already in place.
  • On December 27, the region will revert to existing restrictions (the four points before mentioned).

As has been the case throughout the pandemic the situation is constantly changing and health measures are regularly adjusted. I will endeavour to keep you up to date with changes that impact the Club and boating, however ask that you please monitor government websites and daily announcements.
Please observe social distancing by keeping 1.5m apart, maintain hygiene with regular hand washing and also wear a mask in public.
On behalf of the Board, Flag Officers and staff I thank you for your support during the year and sincerely wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and hope that you can take time to relax a little during these challenging times.
More than ever, please look after yourself and those around you.

Kind regards

Craig Evans

General Manager