Etchells at RPAYC in 2023

Exciting times are ahead for those interested in competing at the pinnacle of One Design Keelboat Racing.

With the Class Calendar never looking better for local sailors with 2 World Championships here in Australia over the next 2 years.

November 2023 – RPAYC hosting the State Championships

January 2024 – RSYS (Sydney Harbour) National Championships and the RSYS Milson Goblets

March 2024 – FSC (Perth) – 2024 Worlds

Winter 2024 – 3 Northern Regattas to be held in both S/E Queensland & Coffs Harbour

January 2025 – RBYC (Melbourne) 2025 Worlds

Our club fleet will be competing in a mixture of 7 days of 3 Short Sprint Races complemented by Longer Windward Leeward Courses throughout the season.

Our RPAYC fleet has expanded from 6 boats to 9 for the upcoming season, with others showing serious interest as we go to press.

The local fleet has group coaching arranged pre-State Championships, to assist local competitors get up to speed much faster than might typically be expected.

With a maximum crew weight limit of 285KGS, some boats carry 3 crew whilst lighter crews can carry 4.

For those interested in joining the fleet or crew looking to participate on one of our Etchells, please contact one of our committee members:

David Taylor – 0419 615 351

Bruce Day –  0417 978535

Ron Jacobs – 0414 407051