David Lukins Memorial Match Racing Regatta 2022 - Round Robin Result

Spithill the Master of Pittwater on Day 1

At the conclusion of racing on Day 1 of the David Lukins Memorial Match Racing Regatta Spithill has dominated the day.

Spithill and Langley were neck and neck in the early half of the day with Read, Gordon and Costanzo finishing the day on 4 equal wins.

Pittwater delivered its shifty spring breeze that kept all teams alert and kept the Umpires busy in the process.

The Race Management Team led by Ted Anderson, with Sue Anderson, Debbie Holder, Bruce Lakin, Mat Butterworth, Niall Powers, Andrew Phillips and Kim Reading completed 7 Flights, 28 races!

Racing continues Sunday at 1000hrs.

Placings :


  1. Spithill
  2. Langley
  3. Read
  4. Gordon
  5. Costanzo
  6. Souter
  7. O’Connor
  8. Kemp