Celebrating 'Safety & Environmental' Stewardship

Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club works continuously to improve its procedures, policies, and best practices, not only to meet regulatory requirements, but to proactively seek ways to mitigate risk, enhance safety, and reduce our environmental impact. Our members should take great pride in knowing that our Club operates at the highest standards and continues to lead the industry in regulatory compliance, safety, and environmental stewardship.

In order to operate the Club must meet a comprehensive number of regulatory requirements, and specifically requirements contained within three vital licenses: the Crown Lands Licence, Environment Protection Licence, and Trade Waste Licence. 

In 2023, the NSW Department of Planning and Environment conducted a site inspection, confirming that we are operating in full compliance with our lease conditions. The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) also performed a five-year licence environmental risk review late 2023, meticulously examining our operations.  We are delighted that the Club had its risk rating REDUCED and achieved the lowest possible environmental risk rating. This is a testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship, thanks to the collective efforts of our members, tenants, and staff.

Our ongoing collaboration with Sydney Water has been invaluable. Last year, with their assistance, we installed meter ‘data loggers’ across the site and implemented an online water monitoring program. This system provides real-time water usage tracking and alerts us to any sudden changes, helping us manage and conserve water more effectively.

We are exceptionally proud that RPAYC was the first club in the world to be awarded the prestigious ‘5 Gold Anchor’ accreditation under the Global Gold Anchor Scheme. We have maintained a 5 Gold Anchor status, alongside our Level 3 accreditation and Fish Friendly certification.

The numerous policies, procedures, and by-laws in place at RPAYC may seem extensive, but they are crucial to ensure we meet regulatory and licencing requirements as well as maintain our industry accreditations and certifications. The Club has key resources available on our website including;

Club Safety and Environmental Information

  • Shore Power Connection Policy
  • Pollution Incident Response Management Plan
  • Pollution Incident Management Plan Checklist
  • Environmental Policy
  • Clean Boaties Fact Sheet
  • Don’t Spread Marine Pests

Working at RPAYC Policy, Terms & Conditions

The Marina Industry Association (MIA) recently published a ‘Clean Boaties Fact Sheet’ that offers environmentally friendly boat cleaning and maintenance techniques. We encourage all members to download this fact sheet and explore ways to contribute to keeping our waterways healthy. Clean Boaties Fact Sheet (Marina Industries Association – marinas.net.au)

As we celebrate our achievements, we must remain vigilant in our efforts to protect our environment. Together, we can ensure RPAYC continues to be a leader in safety, environmental stewardship, and operational excellence.

Thank you to our Members and boating community for your ongoing support and dedication. Here’s to many more years of leading by example and preserving the pristine beauty of our marina and surrounding waters.