CB Keelboat Cup joins Yacht Racing for the Summer Sailing Celebration Race

Saturday saw the next edition of the Centreboard Keelboat Cup adjoined with the Summer Sailing Celebration Race.

7x Parents and 8x Junior Sailors competed together onboard the RPAYC Elliott 7’s. 

The fast downwind spinnaker runs were the highlight and loads of fun was had by all.

There were big smiles at the post-race debrief in Halyards as the milkshakes flowed and the bar karate began!

Team #1 = Flying Ants on Elliott #1
Team #2 = Optimists on Elliott #2
Team #3 = 29ers on Elliott #3

Scratch Results 
1st Flying Ants
2nd 29ers
3rd Optimists

Handicap Results 

1st Optimists (23.8)
2nd 29ers (29.2)
3rd Flying Ants (36.0)

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