Casual Berths Available

At this time of year, many members are heading north for the winter and RPAYC would like to welcome casual occupants to fill their berths while they are away.  One of benefits of being a Member and marina berth holder at RPAYC includes rebates when your berth is sublet while you are away for 7 nights or more.

F50 –  available from early July until early October, this large berth on F arm is suitable for vessels to 50’ with a beam of 4.7m.

A32 – available from early August until early October, incredibly easy berth to get in/out of with friendly neighbours in the adjoining berths, this berth will suit a vessel 45’-50’ with beam not exceeding 4.5m.

Multihull #1 – situated at the front of the Club this well protected multihull berth (also suitable for power boat) is suitable for vessels to approx. 41’ with a shallow draft.  Available from mid- May to  early November. 

B4 –  A brilliant berth on B arm (south side) suitable for vessel to 50’ with a beam of 4.3m, this berth is available until early November.

G22 – with uninterrupted views overlooking the moorings (a blue backyard).  This berth is suitable for vessels to 40’ with a beam of 4m or less.  This berth is available now until mid-October

A48 – ‘A’ arm with long fingers and wide fairways, this berth is suitable for a vessel 45’ to 53’ vessel with a beam not exceeding 4.7m.  This very convenient berth is available late from late July until the end October.

If you or someone you know may be interested in a casual marina berth at RPAYC get in touch with us or telephone (02) 9998 3700.