Call for Nominations for Elected Officers 2021

The nominations for Elected Officers for 2021/22 will open on Thursday 3 June 2021.

Members interested in standing for any of the elected roles may obtain a nomination form from RPAYC reception or through the member portal on the RPAYC website. Nomination forms must be returned by the closing time, which is no later than midday on Wednesday 23 June 2021.

There are two, three-year vacancies available for nomination in the position of Director.
In addition, there is one casual vacancy to be filled for a one-year term in the position of Director.

Rear Commodore Yacht Racing, Robert McClelland, was appointed to fill a casual vacancy (second year of a two-year term), concluding July 2021. As Robert has not served a full term, he is entitled to stand again should he wish to nominate.
Rear Commodore Membership, Elizabeth de Soyres, has completed her second two-year term as a Rear Commodore and therefore not eligible to nominate. Rear Commodore Membership (two-year term) is available for eligible members who wish to nominate.

The following elected officers will remain in office until the completion of their term:
Commodore Allen Stormon and Vice Commodore Leon Wilson have completed one year of their three-year term and Murray Glase has completed two years of his three-year term as Director.
Rear Commodore Activities, Julia Hornsby has completed one year of her second two-year term, Rear Commodore Centreboard, Andrew Springer, and Rear Commodore Cruising, David Williams, have each completed one year of their two-year term.

Only FULL FINANCIAL MEMBERS may nominate. The Club Constitution (Rule 23.1B) states that at least two Elected Directors as well as the Commodore and Vice Commodore are required to own at least 25% of a Sailing Yacht on the Club’s Register of Vessels on the date or dates that they nominate for and are elected or appointed to office.
The Club Constitution (Rule 31.2b) states that all Rear Commodore positions require the nominee to own at least 25% of a Sailing Yacht on the Club’s Register of Vessels at the date of nomination, with the exception of Rear Commodore Centreboard who is required to provide evidence of involvement in Centreboard activities for the 3 preceding years.
Further information regarding qualifications and duties are outlined in the RPAYC Constitution which can be accessed on the website (refer Rules 23 and 31). Copies are also available at Reception.

Where more than one nomination is received, a ballot will be taken and voting times will be published. Voting will take place at the Club at nominated times, in the lead up to the Annual General Meeting. The AGM will be held on Thursday 22 July 2021 at 8.00pm (subject to Government restrictions) and results of the ballot will be announced at the meeting.
I look forward to seeing you there.

Craig Evans
Company Secretary & General Manager

Summary of Positions Open for Election
– Two Directors 3-year term, concluding 2024
– Director – Casual Vacancy 1-year term, concluding 2022
– Rear Commodore Yacht Racing 2-year term, concluding 2023
– Rear Commodore Membership 2-year term, concluding 2023