BOM Weather app update – now with marine features!

The wait is over, with the Bureau having updated the popular BOM Weather app to now include weather information for marine and waterway activities.

The update combines the five vital marine weather safety checks covering warnings, winds, waves, weather, and tides. This makes it easier to plan your fishing, boating, sailing and kayaking activities with confidence.

The app now includes:
• local and coastal waters forecasts and warnings
• hourly wind forecasts and gusts in knots for the next 72 hours
• 3-hourly total wave height and direction for the next 72 hours (for the ocean and major lakes)
• high and low tide times for the days ahead
• moon phase for today and the days ahead.

Conditions can change quickly on the water, so getting location-specific information in advance is the key to planning a safe and enjoyable journey. This update will tell you if there’s calm weather to quietly drop anchor to cast a line, if there’s wind for you to race your yacht, or when is a good time to walk the beach while the tide is low.

The marine features will only appear for locations within approximately 10km of coastal and inland water locations, or if you’re located within 10km of water locations and have ‘follow my location’ selected.

The BOM Weather app is free and available from the Apple App Store or Google Play. We value your ongoing feedback on the improvements we are introducing, so please let us know what you think using the feedback form in the app.

Please share this update with any interested groups or networks.