A Sail Down Memory Lane

Written by Martin Cross

Fareham Creek Regatta 3-4th June. Back to my first love

The Fareham Sailing and Motor Boat Club has been at the end of Portsmouth Harbour since 1850. The water totally disappears twice a day. This is where I first started sailing back in the late 1960s. By chance I was passing the club on Sunday 4th June when the Regatta was on. I popped into the club and they were very welcoming to an old cadet member and kindly lent me Fareham Lugger FL40 to compete in the Regatta. Great fun and atmosphere with the sailing and the rowing Gigg racing (which I also use to do with the Sea Scouts next door). Led the Luggers for 2 laps, but the capricious creek winds I remember from my youth returned and allowed the fleet to catch me on the run and I finished 3rd.

First time I have raced on Fareham Creek since 1974.

One thing I remember from this time a was a pint of beer was 16 pence now it is 2 pounds 42 pence and apparently this is very good value today!

Great trip down memory lane.