Protest Notice Board & Decisions

Protest Notice Board & Decision

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3PW.-XSM-WTRace Committee61730 on
Facts found:
1. Wind was 195 degrees, blowing 18 to 20 knots. There was a 2m swell and visibility was limited to 500m.
2. The windward mark drifted to a position 1 nm NE of the correct position.
3. The Race Committee tried but were not successfully able to communicate all the details of the marks actual position to the fleet.
4. Pretty Woman rounded the correct location where the mark should have been and then proceeded to reach to the east, searching for the mark. Pretty Woman rounded the actual mark 11 minutes after they rounded the correct location.
5. XS Moment BNMH was on or above the starboard layline to the correct location and bore away to search for the mark. XS Moment BNMH rounded the actual mark 6 minutes after they bore away to search for the mark.
6. Prior to XS Moment BNMH bearing away (fact 5), Windy Too was 70 metres astern and 30 metres to leeward of XS Moment BNMH. Windy Too did not bear away at the same time as XS Moment BNMH, providing as one of the reasons why to ensure that when they did bear away they would not have to tack to round the mark.
Windy Too rounded the mark behind XS Moment BNMH.
7. Quantock acknowledged that its finishing position was not made worse.

1. With no fault of their own, Pretty Women, XS Moment BNMH and Windy Too all had their finishing position made significantly worse by an improper action or omission of the Race Committee.
2. Quantock and all other boats did not have their finishing position made worse. They actually sailed a shorter course than the first three boats.
3. Windy Too may have reached faster to the mark than XS Moment BNMH however the facts found had Windy Too behind XS Moment with both boats on the starboard layline to the mark.
Pretty Woman is awarded redress of 11 minutes deducted from her elapsed time.
XS Moment BNMH is awarded redress of 6 minutes deducted from her elapsed time.
Windy Too is awarded redress of 6 minutes deducted from her elapsed time.
2Le Billet
Div 1
Div 2
141730 on
1.In the Club Marine Wednesday Spring Point Score Race 14 on Wednesday December 4th, Le Billet, Summersalt, and Starlight were approaching the Inner Stokes Point Mark, all close hauled.
2.Le Billet and Starlight were both on starboard tack approaching the 3-length zone for Le Billet with Le Billet clear ahead.
3.Summersalt on port tack crossed Le Billet on starboard tack inside the 3-length zone established by Le Billet and Summersalt immediately after crossing Le Billet tacked onto starboard.
4.Le Billet, Summersalt and Starlight all now on starboard tack continued to approach the mark.
5.Le billet and Summersalt tacked onto port to round the mark.
6.Starlight tacked onto port while rounding the mark as the inside boat and cleared the mark.
7.No contact occurred and no boat altered course to avoid contact.

Starlight broke no rules.
The Protest is dismissed.RRS 11, 12 & 18
Division 2
Blue Tack
Division 2
21800 on
1.Gezzabelle was clear ahead of Blue Tack at the zone (3 lengths) approaching Towlers Bay Mark.
2.Blue Tack accelerated inside Gezzabelle during the mark rounding.
3.Blue Tack became the Windward boat exiting the mark.
4.Gezzabelle repeatedly hailed Blue Tack to keep clear as Gezzabelle tried to sail her proper course.
5.Blue Tack failed to respond.
6.No contact occurred.
7.Gezzabelle hailed protest and flew a Protest flag.

1.Blue Tack approached from clear astern and became overlapped to windward during the mark rounding
2.Blue Tack then failed to keep clear of Gezzabelle, hindering Gezzabelle from sailing her proper course
The protest is upheld and Blue Tack is disqualified from the race.RRS11