16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106   Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106
Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


Emergency & Incident Procedures

Notification of Incidents 

The RPAYC is not able to provide primary emergency response.The NSW Water Police (or AMSA,depending on the incident location) shall coordinate the Emergency Response for boats requiring external medical assistance or requiring assistance when in grave or imminent danger to the safety of the vessel or crew. For any incident requiring Emergency Service assistance the persons at the sight of the incident should contact ‘000’.

Advising the Race Official Team and the RPAYC Club House should then follow.

At all times the RPAYC should be contacted to advise an incident has occurred and an incident report lodged by those parties involved.

The RPAYC may be able to provide assistance in non-emergency situations and/or as directed by the Emergency Services.

For any incident requiring assistance, parties involved should update Emergency Services, the Race Officials and Club on the situation. 

Emergency Response
Where a vessel requires Emergency Response the vessel should contact 000 and use the standard marine emergency call procedures (MAY DAY or PAN PAN) on VHF Channel 16. 

MAY DAY - Only used if a vessel or person is in grave and imminent danger and requires immediate assistance. VHF Channel 16 and dial '000'.

PAN PAN - Used when a Mayday distress signal is not fully justified - vessel requires assistance but is not in grave or imminent danger or if an urgent safety message concerning safety of the vessel or person.

If the incident does not merit a May Day or Pan Pan call, but emergency assistance is required, in NSW waters call the NSW Water Police as the primary Agency responsible for coordinating Emergency Response.

    NSW Water Police Marine Area Command (MAC) can be contacted: 000 or 1800-622-727

    or on VHF Ch 16 or HF 2182; 4125 & 6215 or Sydney Water Police 02-9692 5411 or Broken Bay Water Police 02-9979 4044 | 0412 162 093

    In the case of an incident not requiring emergency response, please contact:

    • Alfreds 1 on Ch 77 or on 0428 276 409
    • Alfreds 2 on Ch 77 or on 0458 787 500
    • Alfreds Base on Channel 77 (Working) or Reception on 02 9998 3700

    Educational Material to assist in the case of an Emergency



    There is a NSW legislative requirement for skippers (persons in charge of boats) to report incidents occurring during Club on-water events to NSW RMS within 24 hours of occurrence if there was:

    • any person injured and medical treatment was required.
    • damage that affected any of the involved vessels’ seaworthiness.
    • a commercial vessel was involved.
    • damage exceeding 10% of the value of ANY vessel

    Note: Sailing Vessel Incident Report forms available from the RPAYC reception. If your incident occured whilst racing, submit a Protest Form as well.

    Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) Vessel Incident Report Form & Members Regulations Presentation "Sailors Safety Forum"

    Navigation Collision Regulations 1983

    RPAYC Incident Management Plans & Sailors Safety and Regulations Forum Information

    The Club has in place an Incident Management Plan. The key objective of this Incident Management Plan (IMP) is to ensure that if an incident related risk is realised there is a systematic approach to dealing with the incident to minimise adverse impact on all involved in the incident and the RPAYC.

    • Click here to download Yachting Incident Management Plan (under annual review)
    • Click here to download Centreboard Incident Management Plan & Operations Plan (under annual review)