Pets at RPAYC

We welcome members’ dogs at the Club, however to ensure that all members are able to enjoy their time onsite, By-Law 5.13 (below) provides relevant information on bringing your dog to the Alfreds. Your Club staff are on hand to answer any questions you many have, so don’t hesitate to ask.

By-Law 5.13 (Dogs) states that:

  1. Dogs are excluded from the Clubhouse and its environs,with the exception of the Terrace area at the northern end of Halyards.  Dogs are permitted in other areas of the Club Property provide they are kept on a leash and under the effective control of an adult at all times.  Dogs must not be tied up and left on their own, owners are required to remain in the immediate company of their dogs at all times.
  2. Any dog droppings are to be removed, wrapped and placed in a rubbish bin by the owner.  Dog droppings must not be disposed of into the Marina waters.
  3. Members should consider others when toileting their dogs and the Centreboard Lawn is not an acceptable place for toileting.
  4. Other animals are permitted on the Club premises, other than the Clubhouse and its environs, provided that equivalent controls are applied to those for dogs.