What is an Australian Special Regulation Form? - RPAYC

What is an Australian Special Regulation Form?

As with many other sports the National Body sets out a set of common rules and regulations to follow. Australian Sailing manages the Sport of Sailing and issue every four years, aligned with World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the Special Regulations.

The Special Regulations are a series of requirements that all boats must meet to be able to go racing in Australia. There are also some local and State maritime requirements that can also apply and these will be stated in the Notice of Race document.

Every “event” is classified into a category of race, from category 7 – 0. At the RPAYC the majority of races are classified Category 7 with the addition of Club specific requirements. These are generally events that are held inshore or with in the Broken Bay Offshore Zone, 2nm.

Short Offshore events are classified Category 4 and Bluewater events Category 3 or 1 depending on their length and whether they are an overnight event.

Download your Special Regulations Form including RPAYC regulations here. For further information on the rules and regulations visit the Australian Sailing website www.sailing.org.au