Sydney to Auckland Ocean Race 2023 - Day 5 - Antipodes and Frantic steam towards the finish line with a little over an hour between their current ETA!


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“Last leg of the Sydney to Auckland – it’s neck and neck! But still time for some gourmet dinner”

Antipodes in the last leg of the Sydney to Auckland - photo credit Brad Shaw


“Arriving at Cape Reinga at sunrise this morning, Mayfair has been fighting tooth and nail for every mile in hopes of closing the gap to current IRC projected leader, Frantic.

Mayfair crossed Expedition Bay at speeds up to 19 knots, and are still flat out on approach to Piercy Island.

Plenty of photos and videos to come once 4g reception is restored.”

Mayfair flanked by Antipodes and Frantic as they leave Sydney Harbour 5 days ago


“The Frantic team is busy racing Antipodes to the top of NZ at the moment. The grinders have been getting plenty of action! Butter chicken was on the menu last night to help restore the energy levels. They have Antipodes in sight and are working hard to keep the pressure on and are enjoying the great racing.”

Latest update: “Chased down Antipodes in the afternoon yesterday making good progress and we were within yards of them at one point.

The Frantic Racing crew chasing down Antipodes
Unfortunately things went awry at North Cape due to a troublesome sail change. It turned into a tough, uncomfortably cold night with softening winds, just ghosting along at times.
The wind strengthened at midnight to an on the nose beat leaving many scampering for the bunks at the end of their shift. Dawn brought relief and resolve, with the crew shifting into a new gear for the final stretch of the race to once again chase down Antipodes for the third time…Next stop Auckland!”


“Day 5 on Painkiller is proving to be another light airs float-fest ahead of a predicted northerly that’s supposed to deliver a very welcome 20 knots, and slingshot us to Cape Reinga. Fortunately, the frustration associated with crawling our way across our second major wind hole of the trip, is mitigated by the excellent menu, pre-prepared by Andrew Byrne of Rumlime Catering. Andrew has produced the equivalent of 180 individual meals, pre-cooked then vacuum packed into larger portions, for each night’s dinner. The fare is hearty and especially delicious, as we sit down at the conclusion of a long day’s sailing. He’s also supplemented that with easy lunches, such as gourmet sausage rolls. Good food is vital to crew morale, and for the energy required for sail changes and the many physical tasks required to keep Painkiller trucking toward Auckland. We’ve been closely studying the latest weather file, and the EC model has us finishing late on Monday in this truly amazing race.”


“All good on Intiy with things livening up again as we plan our approach to Cape Reinga.

Yesterday, last night, and this morning were veeerrry slow, as the high pressure sat over us. Good opportunity to have a bit of a check up on everything. The turn right is now starting, heralding the next front, and we are planning to gybe by the end of the day or early night to look at our Cape Reinga waypoint. It will be interesting to rediscover the port side of the boat!

The Radix Nutrition rations are very successful.

Talk to you tomorrow, Marc” [Depret]

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