Sailfit Mat Pilates is back

Our Mat Pilates classes are back on next week with the wonderful Pia.

If you’re interested in these classes but aren’t sure what they’re about, here are a few of the benefits:
• Builds & strengthens mind/body connection
• Balance & coordination work
• Activating often neglected/underworking muscles e.g. deep core & glutes
• Postural correction
• Movement in a variety of directions
• Helping make you more functional/able to do daily tasks with more easy and agility
• Improved mobility & flexibility
• Less pain and stiffness
• Injury prevention
• Muscle toning with bodyweight/light resistance high rep movement
Come and experience for yourself!
Pia’s classes are on Tuesday at 9.30am and Thursday at 8.30am beginning next Tuesday 27th June. To enquire or book in please call/text Tana on 0478 034 659 or email