Zhik announced Official Supplier for Paris 2024

The Australian Olympic Committee has welcomed Sydney sailing apparel company Zhik as the official supplier for Australian Olympic Team sailors at the Paris Olympics.

Displayed by sailors Evie Haseldiine and Grae Morris, both selected to make their Olympic debut Paris, the sailing kit features the industry’s first high-performance, neoprene-free wetsuits. 

Crafted from sustainable, plant-based Yulex® rubber, the range sets a new standard for elite eco-friendly water sports apparel. It offers superior thermal insulation, comfort, and durability, generating 80 percent fewer CO2 emissions than conventional neoprene wetsuits. 

The wetsuit’s fabric is also infused with graphene, with this advanced nanoscale 2D material can return up to 20 percent more body heat, keeping wearers warmer for longer, regulating temperatures during low-intensity activities, and aiding the drying process.

Australia’s most successful Olympic sailor and Tokyo 2020 Closing Ceremony Flagbearer Mat Belcher is continuing his commitment to sailing high performance as CEO of Zhik.

“Zhik was first named an Olympic supplier for the Australian sailing team for the Tokyo Games, and Will Ryan and I won gold wearing Zhik gear,” he said.

“Since then, it’s evolved even more, and the current range sets a new standard the bar for elite eco-conscious water sports attire.

“It’s an incredibly proud moment for Zhik to have such a close connection to the Australian sailing team, the second time we can support the Olympic Team coming into Paris.

We have a deep understanding of the technical requirements. It’s bespoke gear – we can make sure the athletes can get their best performance, while being as warm and comfortable as possible.”
Australian Olympic Committee CEO Matt Carroll said both disciplines require equipment with peak durability.

“Olympians are competing at the highest level and cannot compromise on performance but the AOC is also deeply committed to partnering with suppliers that care about environmental impact,” he said.

“Our challenge was to find a kit that ticked both boxes, and we’ve been able to do that with Zhik. It’s a bonus that this innovative gear is created and crafted in Australia too.

Sailor Evie Haseldine, who has been selected to make her Olympic debut in Paris, was thrilled to try on the Zhik Olympic kit.

“It’s the first time Zhik has a 100% recycled wetsuit, we’re both in the new range for high performance sailing,” Haseldine said. “They have this graphene warmth part on the inside; it’s quick-dry which is great for Marseille, which is windy but can also get hot.

“It feels great, I can’t wait to wear it in July!”