Yachting FAQ's - RPAYC

Yachting FAQs

I’m a boat owner, how do I go racing?

All boat owners must be a Full Member of the Club. Visitors are welcome to compete in an RPAYC organised event as long as they are a member of an a club affliciated with Australian Sailing and an Australian Sailing card holder..
To do so the following items are required:

  1. The boat has a current and valid Australian Sailing Audit Form applicable to the event you wish to compete in.
  2. The boat is entered online into the particular Series “event”. To do so visit the Online Entry page under the sailing menu to enter your boat.
  3. Any applicable Rating Certificates are submitted to the Sailing Office.
  4. Hold appropriate Insurance race cover.

Club Marine a Gold Sponsor of RPAYC can provide cover for accidental loss or damage, malicious damage and theft, including cover for masts, spars rigging and sails.
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I’m ready to race, what do I need?

Now that you have registered online to race, had your Australian Sailing Audit completed and submitted required race documents.
You will need to collect the following items from Reception or the Sailing Office:

  1. A Sailing Handbook. The annual book contains the Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions, list of scheduled races and incident procedures. Hard copies can be purchased from reception or downloaded from the Race Documents page. Remember to check for any amendments.
  2. A course sheet so you know the race course.
  3. Collect a Division colour pennant from the Sailing Office. The committee will allocate boats to divisions. Division allocations are displayed online under List of Competitors which can be viewed on the Online Entry page.
  4. A RPAYC Racing pennant, available from Reception.
  5. Submit your weekly crew list online.

What is an Australian Special Regulation Form?

As with many other sports the National Body sets out a set of common rules and regulations to follow. Australian Sailing manages the Sport of Sailing and issue every four years, aligned with World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the Special Regulations.

The sport of sailing in Australia has a strong reputation for self-management of safety. An important tool for this is the Special Regulations, whose purpose is to establish uniform minimum equipment, accommodation and training standards for racing boats.

Special Regulations do not replace, but rather supplement the requirements of government authorities, the Racing Rules of Sailing and the rules of class associations and rating systems.

The Special Regulations are a series of requires that all boats must meet to be able to go racing in Australia. There are also some local and State maritime requirements that can also apply and these will be stated in the Notice of Race document.

Every “event” is classified into a category of race, from category 7 – 0. At the RPAYC the majority of races are classified Category 7 with the addition of Club specific requirements. These are generally events that are held inshore or with in the Broken Bay Offshore Zone, 2nm.

Short Offshore events are classified Category 4 and Bluewater events Category 3 or 1 depending on their length and whether they are an overnight event.

Visit the Regulations & Equipment Audit page to download your audit form and for further information on the rules and regulations which are available online at the Australian Sailing website www.sailing.org.au

Racing Rules of Sailing

Australian Sailing has ceased producing the “Blue Book” in hard copy and replaced it with a digital e-book version of the Racing Rules of Sailing.

The e-book versions of the RRS, including Australian Sailing prescriptions, are available free of charge and can be downloaded from the popular e-book platforms iBooks and Kobo.  All rule references in the e-book versions are bookmarked and searchable, allowing for easy navigation throughout the entire publication.

The e-book publications can be viewed on PCs, tablets, smartphones and e-reading devices.

Blue Book (download from itunes) https://itunes.apple.com/au/book/2017-2020-blue-e-book/id1211543036?mt=11

Blue Book (download from Kobo) https://www.kobo.com/au/en/ebook/2017-2020-blue-e-book

A PDF copy of the Blue Book (including Australian Sailing prescriptions) may be downloaded here, and a document setting out changes and corrections effective from 1 January 2018 is available here www.sailing.org.au

How to Register to Race

Go to Online Entry and select your race series or event. You will be taken to the Topyacht Entry System (TES):

  1. Where you can select the event(s) you wish to compete in.
  2. If an existing registered boat: Follow the steps listed, Enter your Sailing Number and Password. Check your details, read the conditions of entry and submit. You will receive a confirmation email of your entry.
  3. If you are a new boat: Follow the steps listed for a ‘New Boat’. You will be asked to complete a new blank entry. Once completed and you have read the conditions of entry then select submit. You will receive a confirmation email of your entry.

The Topyacht Entry System will remember your boat, contact and crew details (if applicable) so for any future events you wish to enter they will automatically be displayed, any edits can be made, be it a different contact for the event or a different skipper for the day.
Remember by submitting an Entry you are acknowledging that you and your crew meet the conditions of entry, are aware of the Racing Rules of Sailing and other Regulations applicable.

How to find Crew or Boats to Sail on

The Club has 3 options for finding Crew & Boats to Crew on.

  1. Speak to one of our Crew Co-ordinators who can assist on a race day to direct crew to you, add your name to the Day’s Crew Board.
  2. Register on the MySailTeam website.
  3. Register your details on the Club APP, Member Point (download from the App store today).

Mysail Team will put you in contact with a large database of people looking to crew and boats wanting crew. The system allow you to add your Crew details, experience, availability and search boat profiles looking for a specific need or just crew in general and allow you to make contact with those boats registered.

As a boat owner you can also register your boat for needing crew for specific events and positions or just in general so crew can find you! Remember the more information you input the more chances you have at connecting with the right crew. Both systems are free to use and are used across a number of Yacht Clubs.

The Sailing Office will direct all crewing enquires to these sites, so please take the time to review them