WASZP Victorian Slalom; initial success for RPAYC.

RPAYC members will hear many mentions of “Slalom” racing over the next few months.  For WASZPs this is a format focussing on downwind and gybing skills.  It is fast, tight and fun with a flat out reaching start (think Sail GP) followed by 3-4 gybe marks.  Races generally go for 5-6 minutes.

Last weekend the Victorian Slalom was held from Sorrento and a team of RPAYC WASZP sailors attended.  Will Troop was 8th, Daniel Links secured 5th and Louis Tilly in 3rd place behind Victorians, Tom Trotman and Jack Felsenthal (see photo).

Louis commented; “With the forecast looking too light for Sunday, the organisers did a great job getting 9 good races in on Saturday.  I had a rough start to the event but was lucky to pull myself back on to the podium with some solid results in the later races.”

There are upcoming Slalom events for the NSW title (RPAYC in November), as part of the International Games (Sorrento in December), the inaugural Australian Slalom Championships (RPAYC in January) and Sail GP Inspire (Shark Island in February).  Please contact the Sailing Office if you are able to volunteer to support the RPAYC based events sailing@rpayc.com.au.