The Gwen Slade 'Women's Skipper' Etchells Regatta

2024 Gwen Slade Regatta, Sunday 5 May

2023 - Winner - Pru Bennett

The Gwen Slade Ladies’ Etchells Regatta was created by Life Member and world-class sailor, William Russell Slade in honour of his late wife, Gwen Slade.

Russell Slade was a prominent face of sailing in the 1960s, having competed in the Olympics and being a strong competitor in 16ft Skiffs and 5.5m class boats he was also the first person to build a Fibreglass yacht in Australia, Janzoon II.

Russell, as described by his son, Paul Slade, was a very passionate man and envisioned that sailing is a family involved sport based on fun with winning not being the major objective. Russell’s love for One design racing lead to the choice of boat and the development of the Gwen Slade Regatta.

The Etchells was chosen as it was a growing class and the simplicity factor would help promote the inclusion of advanced and beginner sailors. With a little media help from the Packers, Russell was able to launch the first Gwen Slade Ladies Regatta in 1981.

Today, the regatta is still going strong with the RPAYC hosting it every year in conjunction with the Pittwater Etchells Association. 

To be a part of this annual event for a team with the helm to be a nominated female.  Etchells are then donated by the owners of the Pittwater Fleet and other NSW Fleets. 

To be involved speak with David Taylor Pittwater Etchells Fleet Captain 

RPAYC Women’s Representatives – Emily McCutcheon

Schedule of Events:

Sunday 5 May

  • Race Briefing, Halyards 1030hrs 
  • 1st Warning Signal 1155hrs 
  • Presentation, Halyards ASAP following racing 

A maximum of three (3) races are scheduled for the regatta. 

One (1) race shall constitute a series.

No Warning Signal shall be made after 1530hrs.

  • 2024 – Elaine Fowler
  • 2023 – Pru Bennett
  • 2022 – Bailey Taylor
  • 2021 – Katie Pellew
  • 2020 – C19 not held
  • 2019 – Not held
  • 2018 – Lucy Shephard
  • 2017 – Milly Bennett
  • 2016 – Anne Taylor
  • 2015 – Milly Bennett
  • 2014 – Rosemary Merrington
  • 2013 – Rosemary Merrington
  • 2012 – Heidi Lambeth
  • 2011 – 
  • 2010 – 
  • 2009 – 
  • 2008 – 
  • 2007 – 
  • 2003 – 

Pittwater Etchells Fleet Captain – David Taylor

RPAYC Women’s Representatives – Emily McCutcheon