Sydney to Auckland Virtual Ocean Race

The Sydney to Auckland Ocean Virtual Race has its first finishes. 🏆
After 6 days at sea VRaid_TPN representing France has crossed the line to be the overall winner in 06d-20h-58m-36s. CONGRATULATIONS
First Australian Yacht was thibautj finishing in 06d-21h-27m-34s.
First New Zealand Yacht was NZ-Eligo in 06d-21h-20m404s.
First RPAYC Yacht was reclusiver_racer, Mike Selbie finishing in 06d-23h-07m-25s.
There has been some skilled navigation the the NZL coastline that has seen the fleet disperse greatly.
Full names and results will be published at the conclusion of the race.
Prizes will be sent out to overall winners care of RPAYC and Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron (RNZYS)
Thank you to the team at Virtual Regatta for hosting the 2021 race, we look forward to the physical ocean race and virtual on the 29 January 2022.