Sydney to Auckland Ocean Race - 2023 completed now 2025 to come


With the fleet having finished the inaugural Sydney to Auckland Ocean Race for 2023 the Organisaing Authority is now preparing for the 2025 race scheduled for 11 October. 


The fleet have all now triumphantly crossed the finish line in the inaugural Sydney to Auckland Ocean Race! There are so many tales of camaraderie, challenges and achievements coming from those who stepped up and took on the challenge to Conquer the Tasman. We will share them all in the coming weeks as we look towards what’s next for this epic race event.

Mick Martin and his crew onboard Frantic were awarded the perpetual Sir Lipton Cup for winning the Sydney to Auckland Ocean Race on IRC. Geoff Hill’s and his crew onboard Antipodes took out line honours and PHS with their crossing of 5 days, 3 hours and 37 minutes. James Irvine Mayfair claimed the ORC title with RPAYCs own Marc Depret and George Martin completed their undeniably awesome two handed crossing on Intiy in 7 days, 18 hours and 37 minutes. Graham Barrett and his crew on Painkiller cruised their way to victory to join the history making competitors in the 2023 race proudly knowing they conquered the Tasman.

Records Sets

Line Honours: Antipodes, (Santa Cruz 72) skippered by Geoff Hill

Finished: 5 days: 3 hours: 37 minutes: 57 seconds 

1st PHS

3rd IRC

OVERALL winners

IRC: Frantic, (TP52) skippered by Michael Martin

Finished:  5 days : 4 hours: 53 minutes: 19 seconds

1st IRC

2nd PHS

ORC: Mayfair, (Rogers 46) skippered by James Irvine

Finished: 5 days : 12 hours: 59 minutes: 21 seconds

1st ORC

2nd IRC

3rd PHS

Two Handed: Intiy (Figaro 3) Marc Depret & George Martin

Finished:  7 days: 18 hours: 37 minutes: 58 seconds

1st Two-Handed Line Honours record

 2nd ORC

4th PHS

Cruising: Painkiller, (Bavaria 51) skippered by Graham Barrett

Finished:  9 days: 5 hours: 7 minutes: 3 seconds

5th PHS

Sir Lipton Cup Trophy est. 1919 Awarded to the Winner of the Sydney to Auckland Ocean Race on IRC
11 October, 2025

Virtual Regatta



  1. Asterix-TP83 06.35h 36m 02s
  2. TeleoMartius-TPN +02m 43s
  3. Mamichula – Bises Patplon +06m 26s


  1. Toothfairy.LPO-ESF2 06d 23h 55m 09s
  2. IMPI II @ Team AI +22m 13s
  3. Woftam! BK + 36m 59s 


  1. Frantic ~^:^ 07d 43m 36s
  2. Fresh Undies-AADU +04m 38s
  3. dreamtime +01h 34m 12s

11 October, 2025

Sydney to Auckland Ocean Race

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