Shore Power Lead Compliance

Shore Power Lead Compliance – Final Reminder
Shore Power leads can potentially be dangerous if not regularly checked and maintained in a corrosive marine environment. Faulty leads, leads not fit for purpose can potentially endanger the safety of people on the marina and may result in fire, electric shock or damage to the vessels.

To manage this risk the Club has in place a “Ship to Shore Power Connection” policy and it is the responsibility of the facility holders to meet the minimum compliance requirements outlined within the policy in order to connect to the shore power at the Club. The compliance requirements include for example that the lead must be a marine grade lead, in good working condition, suitable in length, tested annually and tagged to indicating test date and leads must not be wrapped around marina fixtures such as the pedestal, taps, cleats etc.

Over the last couple of months the Club has provided notice of this policy via the newsletter and direct by email to facility holders. The Club is incredibly pleased with the positive response and wish to thank facility holders (Tenants and contractors too) for embracing the Club’s culture of safety and risk mitigation measures. Club staff have tested and tagged over 105 shore power leads in recent months and Marty from Andersen Marine has been busy supporting by repairing leads.

The response has been terrific, however there remains a number of shore power leads that do not display a current ‘tag date’ and leads that remain wrapped around marina fixtures (pedestals, hydrants, taps). The Club wishes to remind and urge these Members to take action and in accordance with the policy non-compliant leads may be disconnected effective from Tuesday 1st June 2021.