Shore Power Lead Audit

Club staff are undertaking an audit of all shore power leads on the marina, checking the general condition of the lead, that the lead has been tested within the last 12 months (and tagged) and ensuring the leads are not wrapped around pedestals, hydrants and/or tap fittings.  The Club’s Ship to Shore Power Connection Policy is available HERE.

For the convenience of Members, the Club offers facility holders a complimentary “test & tag” service for the lead that connects facility holders vessels to shore power (one lead per vessel).  
If you would like to have your lead tested and tagged, please drop off your lead (tagged/labelled your boat name and berth) to Reception.  In most cases the lead will be inspected and ‘test & tagged’ within one to two business days, and assuming the lead passes, it will be ready for collection from Reception.  In the event the lead doesn’t pass we’ll be in touch to let you know, and in order to reconnect the vessel to shore power Members will be required to rectify or replace the lead.  If your lead has been “test & tagged” by an independent electrician, please remind the contractor to affix a certification ‘tag’ with the date written clearly.