Selden for Sailing Lion Island Series Winners

The Selden for Sailing Lion Island Series 2023 concluded today in a light to moderate westerly on Pittwater. 

This year’s event saw 74 yachts compete in the 4 race series. With the popularity of the Autumn event 5 divisions were introduced with ORC & PHS scoring options. 

The conditions saw divisions 1, 2 and 3 head across Broken Bay to round Lion Island with a pod of 40 or so dolphins greeting yachts as they popped their heads to see the sea of coloured spinnakers fill the bay. Divisions 4 and 5 rounded the laid West Head mark.

Reaching the finish line was testing for crews with the breeze dropping in Pittwater.

Standing room only back at the clubhouse for the race 4  and Series presentation. 

New to this year’s event was the introduction of two Perpetual Trophies awarded to the winning yachts in each division on PHS and ORC. Winners will have their names engraved onto the respective trophy. 

The Lion Island Series has been a great event, to see 70 Yachts from across multiple clubs racing on Pittwater has been fantastic, as the Series Sponsor for 2023 we can't wait to be back in 2024 for the Selden for Sailing Lion Island Series..

Isea Trophy - ORC Winners
The Basin Challenge Cup - PHS Winners
PlaceName SkipperClub1234Points
Division 1 – Spin (Blue) – ORC
1Revolver (7079) Michael RitchieRPAYC21519
2Windy Too (6024) Carl RussettRPAYC622313
3Mercury (AUS615) Mark WaterhouseRPAYC531615
PlaceName SkipperClub1234Points
Division 1 – Spin (Blue) – PHS
1Revolver (7079) Michael RitchieRPAYC216110
2Mercury (AUS615) Mark WaterhouseRPAYC722718
3Quantock (1195) David HobbsRPAYC1741224
Division 2 – Spin (Green) – ORC
1Organised Chaos (010) Garry GudmunsonRMYC12317
2Force 8 (11AUS204) Steve StuartRPAYC342312
3Ultimate Tune (11AUS219) John SmidmoreRPAYC751619
Division 2 – Spin (Green) – PHS
1TBA beta (EAUS1183) Robert FowlerRPAYC137415
2Organised Chaos (010) Garry GudmunsonRMYC553215
3Still Wayward (EAUS1321) Martin NaefRPAYC2410521
Division 3 – Spin (Pink) – ORC
1Young at Heart (6381) Simon GrosserRPAYC12126
2Gunner Goodwin (R347n) Robert AlpeRPAYC444416
3Transcendence Crento (AUS3300) Martin CrossRPAYC363719
Division 3 – Spin (Pink) – PHS
1Georgia Lee (6868) Craig SuggittRPAYC1135221
2Young at Heart (6381) Simon GrosserRPAYC3124423
3Transcendence Crento (AUS3300) Martin CrossRPAYC2711525
Division 4 – Spin (Yellow) – PHS
1Elysian (10045) Nigel EdgarRPAYC23218
2Dances with Waves (6776) John MudgeRPAYC125311
3Nirvana’s Kitchen (6889) Leon WilsonRPAYC543517
Division 5 – Spin (White) – ORC
1Pick Pocket (5069) Chris HornsbyRPAYC11114
2Venue (6128) Brian EllisRPAYC22239
3Kindred Spirit (206) Angus GordonRPAYC444214
Division 5 – Spin (White) – PHS
1Kindred Spirit (206) Angus GordonRPAYC11518
2Sound Wave (AUS716) Martin ThearleRPAYC342211
3Pick Pocket (5069) Chris HornsbyRPAYC236516