RPAYC Recreational Moorings

One of many benefits of Membership at RPAYC is use of the Club’s 14 recreational moorings, which are located in convenient and picturesque locations including Coasters Retreat, America and Refuge Bays.   These moorings can be identified as they are red buoys and display the burgee/ RPAYC sticker.  The moorings are for exclusive use of RPAYC Full and Intermediate Members only.

In order to use these recreational moorings Members are required to;

  • Ensure their vessel information is included on the Club’s official “Register of Vessels” (available to view at Reception)
  • Fly RPAYC burgee and display a current year mooring authority sticker on the transom when on the mooring (* burgee and current mooring authority stickers are available from Reception)
  • The Full or Intermediate Member must be on board and in control of the vessel
  • Use maximum 24 hours, vessel max displacement 20t

* 2021/22 mooring authority stickers can be collected from Reception from early May upon payment of the Membership subscription.

Members who wish to add a vessel to the ‘Club’s Register of Vessels’ are required to complete an “Additions form” – Click here.  Please remember to notify us when selling your vessel by completing a ‘Deletions form’ – Click here.   If you are selling your vessel, please remember to remove your RPAYC burgee and mooring authority sticker from the transom!

For more information log into the ‘Members‘ area on the Club website or collect an information sheet from Reception.