Pittwater Catamaran Regatta 2023 - Fantastic Long Weekend

Goodall Design Viper Single hander Australian Titles are run and done.

What a fantastic event! From the tough competition, epic sends on Saturday, the crazy capsizes of Sunday, maddening shifts of Monday, the warehouse party to the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, excellent race management and superb facility.

Here are photos from the presentation with some pretty whacky awards from a very memorable weekend.

Well done to the race organisers and especially the very passionate and courageous fleet of Viper frothers. These are truly the coolest boats in the world, no no the known universe.

1st Viper - Beau White
2nd Viper - Grant Pellew
3rd Viper - Luke Ratcliff

Single Handers served up a wild day on Sunday with everybody in the Viper fleet having a minimum of 1 swim with the exception of Angus Musgrove and Grant Pellew. Grant clawed his way to second place with a masterclass of seamanship in blustery gusty north westerly conditions hoing on to 2nd place overall at the conclusion of the Regatta.

Excellent support from the RPAYC RIBs and Goodall Design Rib complete with righting assistance team ensured no injuries or boat damage and everybody who started a race finishing.
Another epic day on the Pittwater on Monday with a lighter day forecasted but those shifty winds still played their part testing skippers and crews..

“We cannot compliment the RPAYC race team enough for the slick race management (lead by Elaine Fowler with Julia and Chris Hornsby, Sophie Aitken, Annabelle Sampson, Tom Vincent and Lisa Denvir supported by RPAYC Sailing Office, getting the 4 races in before the breeze became nuclear in the afternoon. It was a great regatta and the racing has been crazy tight with every start and buoy rounding being contested pretty much no matter where you are in the fleet”, Goodall Design Beau White.

The Westerly gusts were merciless and brutal, the sailing by the fleet was very very impressive and at the function last we were highly commended by the RPAYC Vice Commodore Julia Hornsby on our display of sailing and sheer grit.

Results can be found here: https://app.sailsys.com.au/…/151/results/series/2787/races

PlaceName SkipperClub123456789101112Points
H18 Reimagined
118@heart (AUS 490) John ForbesPBYC11111(2)11111111
2Icy Poles (AUS 1144) Scott KestevenRPAYC3233333(4)332230
3Love Boat (AUS 999) Michael Cook 23222122777(7)37
4Taking Flight (AUS 908) George PethardRPAYC45555(5)43243343
5Pinky (AUS 181) Linda RenoufRPAYC5444(6)455424445
6More Donkey Business (16895) Arthur TargaRPAYC6666466(7)555560
Viper & F16 Single Handed
1Goodall Design (AUS 800) Beau WhiteRPAYC1121(6)113311318
2Vaikobi / Harken (AUS 327) Grant PellewRPAYC4(5)343321132127
3Heat Wave (AUS 907) Luke RatcliffRPAYC321212(11)5665639
4Mule (AUS 534) Emma RankinRPAYC5445543(7)424545
5Ruel Rigging Australia (AUS 528) Nicholas ReaderRPAYC23133455(13)243448
6Thunder Buddy (AUS 21) Angus MusgroveRPAYC87862(11)42556255
7Stayin’ Alive (AUS 113) Rob SaundersCYC765(11)76797871079
8Mutiny (AUS 557) Anthony Abbott 98(13)1388949109794
9Capital Brewing Co. Spruce Moose (AUS 244) Jack Mendham 109681176611911(13)94
10Fury (AUS 218) John Scott-Hamilton 11101099118(13)1011108107
11Fang (AUS 18) James Butler 613910131313(13)8789109
12FOMO (AUS 63) Paul Ratcliff 13117713131313131313(13)129
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