Participation and Storage Occupancy

From the Managers Desk

I am pleased to report the Club is in a very strong position with full occupancy on the marina and a healthy waitlist of new boats. This is backed up with excellent occupancy rates both on the hardstand and within centreboard storage. A fair assumption would be that with these additional vessels, in the Club, we would see participation rates for racing, cruising and Club events on the rise. Unfortunately, that is not currently the case as we are finding a number of members using the Club’s wonderful facilities as a marina and carpark.

The core difference between this Club and a private marina is that RPAYC was founded to encourage, promote and foster the sport of sailing and boating. In doing so the Club offers a host of events which include racing, cruising and social activities combined with training for all ages and skill levels. In addition to this the Club provides member benefits which include discounts on Food & Beverage, Boatyard and the Gymnasium all as part of participating in the sport. Any surplus from these operational activities go back into the facilities and or operating Club events.

At the heart of the Club is participation. It is what this Club was founded on and has built over the last 150 + years. Therefore it is incumbent on our generation to ensure these values are maintained and that people choose to be members of RPAYC as they wish to participate in Club events and utilise the Club’s facilities.

Over the next 10 months, the Club will be measuring the participation of all vessel owning members with the intention of reviewing licence agreements of non-participants. The review will take into consideration the length of Club membership, number of boats owned, Club racing, Club cruising, Club volunteering, Club social events, use of Club facilities such as Food & Beverage / Boatyard along with compliance in relation to insurance, test & tagging and timely payment of Club accounts.

We are all Custodians of this great Club and must ensure the values RPAYC was founded on are maintained for future generations.

Nigel Gibson
General Manager