Club Parking Notice

As the Christmas season is now upon us, parking at the Club is in high demand. To ensure all members have convenient access to parking through our peak period (1 December – 1 February 2022), the Club kindly requests that members observe the Club’s peak period parking rules:

Lower car park 
Day Parking Only

Up to three (3) nights – Mid or top level car park and Crystal Bay car park – no permit required

More than three (3) but less than seven (7) nights
Top level or Crystal Bay car park. Parking permit required to be displayed on the dash.
*if participating in the Club Cruise to Shellharbour, parking is available on mid or top level for the duration of the cruise, permits can be collected from Reception.

More than seven (7) nights
Crystal Bay car park. Parking permit required and displayed on the dash

We request that Members with vehicles currently in storage please relocate to Crystal Bay or pick up a permit from Reception (if applicable).

Thank you and wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas!