ORC NSW Championship Race 1 - Notice to Competitors

ORC NSW State Championship
9th – 11th February 2024
Notice to Competitors
Friday 9th February 2024, issued 0900hrs

In accordance with the Sailing Instructions – Appendix Offshore Courses: SI24
24.1 The course for the Offshore Race (Race 1) is:

Division 1
Start (vicinity of BJ mark) – 02 (S) – NR (P) – 2PT (P) – Finish
Approximate Distance: 25nm

Division 2
Start (vicinity of BJ mark) – 02 (S) – NR (P) – MR (P) – Finish
Approximate Distance: 22nm

Mark: 02: Inflatable mark laid approximately 2nm to seaward of Start line, bearing 090⁰ magnetic.
Mark: NR (Newport Reef) – Inflatable mark laid at approximate Position: 33⁰ 40.000’S 151⁰ 21.000’E

Mark to be rounded to Starboard (S)
Mark to be rounded to Port (P)