Olympic Preview with Iain Murray - Nacra 17 Race 1 - TODAY

Today the Laser classes will have their first rest day after a particularly big day for the men with three races and some big waits yesterday. Those two classes are now over half way through their program; having completed six of their ten races.

We will also see the skiffs back in action, as well as getting our first look at the Nacras (three races) and the Men’s and Women’s 470 teams (two races each). We have a huge number of athletes out on the water today so it is going to be another important day for the squad as a whole.”

Iain Murray

Weather Today...

“Today brings the wind back to a more normal direction; coming onshore out of the south-west. We are expecting anywhere from 10 to over 20 knots depending on how it mixes and comes down. It looks to be a more normal day with strong winds for Enoshima.

These conditions are similar to those that we grow up with in the Southern Hemisphere, which will put a smile on the faces of our athletes.

The wind here is already in the south-west and it will build throughout the day. It’s essentially Japan’s equivalent of a summer day with a nor’easter back home.”

Iain Murray


“Having these Southern Hemisphere-type conditions will be good for Jason and Lisa. The Italian team have traditionally been very strong when it is windy, but Jason and Lisa have been working super hard on their game so it will be interesting to see where they lay after a long time away from international competition.

I think we all have a huge amount of confidence in Jason and Lisa.”

Iain Murray


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