National Youth Camp - April 20-23

Australian Sailing is excited to announce the inclusion of a National youth camp shortly after the completion of Youth Sail Victoria. The Vic Youth Champs event will act as the selection event for the Australian Youth World’s team for 2022 and the National Youth Camp sailors. The camp itself will run from 20 – 23 April 2022.

The camp was created as a development opportunity for pathways sailors. Australian Sailing will offer a quality development experience for those selected, and hosting this immediately post VIC Youth Champs remove much of the stress of bookings and logistics. There will be scope for multiple teams and individual sailors within each class to join the camp and create a more inclusive environment, with more value for technical on water coaching in a squad based environment. We felt that widening this group was an essential ingredient to retaining young talented sailors in the sport. We are also aware that success at youth level is not always a valid predictor of success as a senior sailor so giving more sailors showing promise at this age and stage access to this type of opportunity is important to us.

The camp is set to build on the youth sailors’ knowledge and understanding about what it will take to progress and win in the sport of Sailing across a range of classes. It will aim to inspire, educate and progress our best and brightest youth sailors. It is a long climb to the top of the sport, and we want to enable sailors to make well informed decisions about their future and enhance their development.

In practice, the four-day camp, guest speakers, education sessions, class based technical coaching for two days and individual and team problem solving challenges. It will be based at Royal Yacht Club of Victoria for on water activities and around the camp accommodation within the city of Melbourne for off water activities.

Click here to view the full selection policy.

We look forward to supporting the development of our next generation sailors. For further information, please contact Lesley Fasala – Performance Pathway Coordinator or Ash Brunning – Performance Pathways Technical Manager