Marine Rescue App & Skeds

As part of the Maritime Recreational Vessel Advisory Group’s review of the role Marine Rescue played in the rescuing of the Nexba crew they suggested amendments, which have been made, to the information on the Marine Rescue Log On Log Off page clarifying the use of the Marine Rescue App and the benefit of Skeds.

This information was forwarded to the Working Party of the independent review of the Nexba capsize who felt the information is valuable for skippers travelling up and down the coast of NSW.

Log On with Marine Rescue NSW
When you Log On via the App, choose the live safety tracking option so your position is updated in our vessel tracking system every 30 minutes. This means that in an emergency, our rescue crews will have a starting point for a search operation, based on your last known position, saving valuable time when minutes can mean the difference between life and death.

If you’re travelling along the coastline, we encourage you to establish a voyage plan with Marine Rescue NSW and an offshore tracking schedule for you to check in (to ‘sked’) with our bases along your route. This lets us know that you’re travelling safely, on schedule and not in need of emergency help. We’ll keep track of your progress until you safely arrive at your destination in NSW or we hand you over to the marine rescue service in the next State if you’re travelling further north or south.