Dragon Force 65 fleet racing towards the 2023 Championships

Written by Warrick Crossman:

RPAYC’s fastest growing fleet is made up of a diverse group of radio control yacht sailors who have taken up the challenge of the one design DF65 class, along with the opportunity to enjoy some fun, fast paced fleet racing and a fair amount of friendly banter.

RPAYC’s DF65 fleet has grown rapidly over recent months, with over 25 members now owning a boat and large fleets of up to 20 boats racing most weeks. The Club recently affiliated with the NSW Radio Yachting Association and we have four sailors who will be competing in the 2023 DF65 Australian Championships which will be held at Kawana Waters on the Sunshine Coast in June.

Many Club members know David Bray and will be pleased to hear that he is an active participant in the RC fleet each week. With the support of Sue Burk and all the other skippers, David races from his wheelchair and is proving to be more than competitive, taking a win in the 7th and final race last week. It’s been wonderful to have David racing with us and adding to that friendly banter between competitors.

To accommodate any less able bodied sailors, some rules have been put in place to ensure they have a clear view of the course. Sailors of all skill levels are made very welcome to join the DF65 fleet and we have a few spare boats available to loan anyone who would like to try radio yachting.

We meet in Halyards for coffee on Thursday mornings before the racing kicks off around 10.00am. Please reach out to Warwick Crossman if you would like to know more or join in: 0493 201 557

Pictured: David Bray (with the handbrake on!), Sue Burk, Kel Burgess and Rik Hart, a picture of concentration!